Hermes Kelly 24/24 35 bag Gold/Gold taurillon Maurice leather

The United Arab Emirates Hermes Kelly 24/24 35 bag Gold/Gold

With a flexible body and contrasting rigid flaps, the 24/24 bag plays with the arts of ambiguity and structure.
Day-to-day bags, featuring the iconic turn clasp, they sway from side to side, exuding casual chic 24 hours a day.

Bag in taurillon Maurice leather and Barenia calfskinwith two pockets and palladium plated hardware
Measures 13.8″ long, 9.8″ high and 5.9″ deep

An new bullcalf with a comforting, small, round and well-defined grain. Offers an alternative to Clemence, with better hold.
First appeared in the collections: 2017
Appearance: Small, round, full and fairly regular grain. Satiny, wide range of colors
Feel: Quite neutral, softens over time
Hand: Supple and very responsive, well-rounded hand
Change over time: Keeps its responsiveness, the surface becomes more satiny

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