Hermès凯莉包 The Kelly bag 背后的故事

Hermès 凯莉包 在爱马仕,每件作品都有一个名字。但有些洗礼比别人更难忘。在进入风头之前,这位尚未命名的凯利已经有很长一段时间了。
在20世纪30年代,罗伯特·杜马斯设计了一款纯粹主义美学手袋,打破了当时流行的装饰风格。摩纳哥公主 – 银色屏幕上的格蕾丝凯莉 – 爱上了这个设计,并委托了半打各种色调的包包。
1956年的一天,她带来的包裹让她免受狗仔队的冲击,她正在离开她的车。在未来公主诞生之前的几个月,这个包已经成为格蕾丝未出生的孩子的保镖。这张照片成为Life杂志的封面,并在世界各地被人们看到。这个包已经找到了它的舞台名称。该模型以“凯利”为名持续其冒险之旅,并在橱窗梳妆台Leila Menchari和皮革制品设计工作室的指导下,以新的形状,尺寸,材料和颜色进行收藏。Kelly Lakis,Kelly Shoulder,Kelly Relax,Kelly Cut等等:所有这些变化都借鉴了Hermes皮革工匠和马鞍制造商的卓越技能以及对创意的热情。
The story behind
In the 1930s, Robert Dumas designed a ladies’ handbag with a purist aesthetic that broke with the decorative style in fashion at the time. The Princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly on the silver screen – fell in love with the design and commissioned half a dozen of the bags in various shades.
One day in 1956, the bag she had brought along shielded her from paparazzi that pounced as she was exiting her car. Months before the birth of the future princess, the bag had served as a bodyguard for Grace’s unborn child. The photo made the cover of Life magazine and was seen all over the world. The bag had found its stage name. The model continued its adventure under the name of “Kelly”, and its collection grew with new shapes, sizes, materials and colors under the direction of window dresser extraordinaire Leila Menchari and the Leather Goods Design Studio. Kelly Lakis, Kelly Shoulder, Kelly Relax, Kelly Cut, etc.: all of these variations draw on the exceptional skill of Hermes’ leather artisans and saddle makers and its passion for creativity.

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